Growing and Planting Advice

Roses are easy to grow, here are some basic guidelines.


A good site
Plant in an open sunny position, away from trees or large shrubs.

Suitable soil
Plant in well drained, reasonably fertile soil. It’s important not to plant new roses in ground where existing rose plants have been long established.

The right plants
Buy quality roses from nurserymen or garden centres you can rely on; seek advice if in doubt about what to have.

Preparing the soil
Dig the ground to clear it of weeds, mix in old manure, compost, leafmould or other available food do this a month before you intend to plant.

Plant correctly
Firmly and at the right depth.

Basic advice is to cut bush and patio roses the first spring after planting to leave only 75-100mm (3-4in) on each stem. Give other types of roses a light trim. Visit one of the pruning demonstrations given in the spring by your local Garden Centre, Nursery or the Royal National Rose Society.

After care
For new plants, check they have stayed firm, tread around them and water any that are slow to produce leaves in spring, apply rose fertiliser when they begin to grow. For older plants, mulch them (i.e. cover the soil between them) to feed them and improve the soil, Garden Centres stock many suitable materials. Use rose fertiliser when they begin to grow. Spray if you need to but remember that good plants properly grown and fed will better resist nature’s troubles.