Keyboard Shortcuts (Access Keys)

This website includes integrated keyboard shortcuts, known as Access Keys, to allow quick access to pages and provide quick and easy navigation for users without a mouse.

The keyboard shortcuts can be used from any page in the site and are listed below:

To use these access keys follow the instructions below:

Microsoft Internet Explorer: press 'Alt' and letter, then press enter.
Netscape: press 'Alt' and letter at the same time
Mozilla: press 'Alt' and letter at the same time
Apple Mac's: Microsoft Internet Explorer - hold down 'Control' key and then press letter

Browser Support and Markup Validation

This website has been tested in a wide variety of browsers on the Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac and Slackware Linux operating systems.

The content of this website conforms to the W3C markup validation requirements and has been tested for compliance with accessibility guidelines via WebXACT.

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